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Takara Belmont Micro Mist Deep Conditioning Hair Processor SD-200NIW

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Healthy hair-care generally indicates direct application of a treatment conditioner to hair. It is actually just one of the effective ways to repair damaged hair; however, there is a limit to it. In order to treat damaged hair more effectively, it is necessary to have a large quantity of a treatment conditioner to penetrate deep into hair. Micro Mist, using the power of water, helps treatment particles permeate into damaged hair and reach even impaired area inside the cross section of the hair.

The Micro Mist hair processor helps treatment particles permeate into damaged hair in even the most damaged places. Opting for mist over steam, the Micro Mist emphasizes maximum results with minimal damage.


DIMENSIONS: 27" W x 31" D x 61-69" H WEIGHT: 55 lbs

RATING: 115V - 60HZ - 490W (approx. 4.5A)

ETL Approved

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